YouTube & Spotify Ad Management

Let us setup your YouTube or Spotify campaigns.
We will setup and manage your campaigns on YouTube or Spotify.
Included are monthly reports on your ads performance while monitoring and managing for optimal performance. Call to discuss.

Example after 10 days Canton Termite got 1100 views and jingle exposures for an ad spend of approximately $50

(Your cost might vary, but you set budget and we will get as many views as possible for your budget, guaranteed. Market areas and competition affect price, but local YouTube ads are very cheap compared to any other type of TV advertising)

Here is how we took their existing cable TV ad, edited our jingle to open and close the ad. This increases the “Search and Call” music exposure. Even if YouTube-rs don’t watch whole ad, they will hear how to find your business or embed their phone number in their sub-conscious. Don’t have a TV ad produced? We have very affordable options to make simple, but effective 60 second TV ads from our scripts. Just call us at 770-993-0004 or 770-826-3662 to get your jingle ads online… where your competition is not advertising, but the world has in their hands everyday. The mobile internet! (Cell phones)