PCO Affordable Jingles & Audio Logos from Amazing Singers in Nashville & The Music of Mike Stewart, The Marketing Wisdom and Creativity of Hal Coleman Coming ASAP!

Mike Stewart and Hal Coleman here, and we were reminded recently the power of jingles by our client, Erik Gardner or Volunteer Rid a Pest that the internet is an amazing place to get your business USP, phone number and Web address singing in the minds of your prospects in addition to radio and TV ads!

This is why we are launching Pest Control Marketing Jingles to the world asap. Mike has the music, Nashville has the singers willing to sing, and Hal has the direct marketing and PCO creative expertise to make affordable, effective audio logos your business you can use in your Podcast, YouTube Videos, Facebook Ads, Spotify Ads, and yes Radio/TV ads.
For now, just call Hal 770-993-004 or Mike 770-826-3662 to get a jingle like Erik did.


To hear more what we are talking about, go to Pest Control Marketing Podcast now!