FACT:  A GREAT JINGLE will MAKE YOU MONEY for years and will imprint your business in the minds of listeners FOREVER!

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Here’s the big reason why jingles are so powerful and effective:  A jingle is like a hit song…it plays in the back of your mind and you find yourself singing or humming it in your head whether you like it our not!

Think about a song that was playing on the radio over and over again and…even though you hated the song…you memorized ever word of it. This is what the subconscious mind does…it memorized things it hears over and over again.

And that is why JINGLES ARE MONSTER MARKETING TOOLS. While they still work great on radio and TV, cell phones are today’s radio and TV. JINGLES are now being used on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Instagram and Podcasts! You want your business name and phone number sung in the ears of every listener everywhere and reach them on their phones!

Example:  Mike Stewart hummed a jingle to me the other day and asked me to identify it.  And I did.  It was the Winston cigarette jingle. I sang every word of it…and I hadn’t heard it in over 40 years!

Imagine having people in your community going around singing YOUR JINGLE.  And, if you include your web address and phone number…they will be singing that information also.  When they have a bug problem and need an exterminator…they won’t even have to google it to find your contact information…because it will already be IMPRINTED IN THEIR HEAD!

Do you see the power of a great jingle?

Do you see how it can add another steady stream of new customers for you and your business?

Do you see how it translates to bigger bank deposits?

If you don’t, then you have wasted your time reading this so far.

But, if you do see the benefits of having a great jingle, then I invite you to pick up the phone and call Mike Stewart at 770-826-3662 or me, Hal Coleman, at 770-993-0004 and let us explain how we can produce you an incredible jingle for a very small budget and show you exactly how to use it on radio, social media, Facebook, Spotify and other venues where your potential customers are waiting to hear from you!

Click here to listen to some of the jingles we have produced for our clients!